Photoshop wizard Cristian Girotto‘s photo series L’Enfant Extérieur (the outer child) takes his subjects’ inner children and brings them, quite literally, to the surface. In the series, Girotto explores what adults would look like if men and women never left the cuteness of infancy — at least in some respects. Each photo, originally captured by photographer Quentin Curtat, shows the subject ‘shopped to look like a toddler.

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Instagram Filters as Photoshop Actions

I recently did a  google search to see if anyone had “converted” instagram filters to photoshop actions. After not finding any results, I decided to see if I could do it myself. I didn’t get a 100% exact match, but it’s pretty close.

Im starting with “Nashville” then will add more soon. Let me know any feedback. I’ll update this post when I add more. 

Update #1:  “Earlybird” filter, auto-cropping tools added.
Update #2: “Brannan”, “X Pro II” added 




X-Pro II: 

↓ Download the photoshop action file

Last updated May 12th 2011

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